What is Brandyfloss?

Brandyfloss is a web-based software for marketing professionals in retail companies. It organizes customers into optimum target groups enabling marketers to better promote products.

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Type in the product you want to promote and click. Brandyfloss can process 10 million lines of data to produce an optimum customer group and relevant insights in 0.4 seconds. This frees up a lot of wasted time.

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Each customer group comes with relevant, up-to-date insights. You can tailor marketing campaigns to focus on what your customers love. You can also promote more frequently without annoying them. Say goodbye to nasty, one-size-fits-all marketing.

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Don't leave long gaps between campaigns. Target the right customers with tailored marketing messages frequently. Brandyfloss can help you do this effectively. Increase sales, revenue and conversion rates.

42% of marketers believe they are not very good at segmentation.
— Gartner

Problems with standard customer segmentation:

  • Customer segmentation is very time-consuming.
  • 85% of customer segmentation is based on broad filtering and guesswork.
  • Customers unsubscribe from marketing lists when they receive irrelevant content.
  • Leaving gaps between marketing campaigns does not solve the problem.


Who will benefit most from Brandyfloss?

Retail Marketers with:

◘ 40k+ customer database

◘ 1,000+ product SKUs

◘ 500k+ product sales per year

◘ Sales database linked to customers